Cutting Edge Technology

From humble beginnings to where it stands today, Telechnics has always taken pride in being on the cutting edge of technology and passing that onto customers and dealers. From the times of analogue, Telechnics systems have always been pushing the boundaries to get the most out Two-way radios. From the simple, such as using a radio to open a gate, to the more complicated, getting statistical data to improve client’s infrastructure and WHS standards.

Telechnics has grown as a business and has become recognised and relied upon as a leading adviser to government bodies, large security companies, hospitals, construction industry and logistics.

Telechnics dedicates adequate time and effort to engage with it’s clients. Understanding what our clients’ needs and requirements are is crucial when designing a system. For example finding out what emergency features the clients requires, i.e. Man-down, security boundaries, GPS tracking, indoor tracking, etc.

Telechnics also works closely with major manufacturers on the future of radio technology and the current market situation.

Telechnics service department employs state of the art equipment to fault-find and repair all radio products. In the process, new technologies are adopted to give an in-depth coverage of sites and display heat-mapping of the system performance, strengths and non-compliance.As newer technology becomes available, Telechnics is on the forefront. The scope of radio technology is proving both endless and vital to our growing fast pace society. With technological advancements in other industries, comes a requirement for strong foundations, to support flexibility and security measures. This is where radio technology plays a key role.