GRN Integration

The GRN is the Government Radio Network. Telechnics is a authorised GRN service provider. As a authorised supplier we ensure that GRN users do not hinder the GRN operation, interfere with the ability of other uses to access and use the GRN, do not disrupt the business and operations or break any laws.

Telechnics has been contracted on multiple occasions with the task of adding sites onto the GRN. So of these sites have included, Parramatta Square, Edmondson Park Shopping Centre, 151 Clarence St, Northern beaches hospital.

Telechnics have also been requested by Telco to build mobile GRN sites, which is testament to the quality design, build and service delivery.

If you would like more information on the GRN or require a GRN service provider, we have significant expertise and are happy to help you work through your requirements or bring you up to speed with what you should be considering in this space.