Telechnics was established in 1988 and primarily designs and installs communication systems where the benefits of Two Way Radio are needed. Originally the company was involved in the supply of RF based radio equipment and services, specialising in handheld portable radios, mobile radios, campus based and plant radio systems.


Working out of our head office in Sydney and our branch office on the Gold Coast, our service ability spans across the whole of Australia, enabling Telechnics to become one of Australia's primary wireless communications specialists.


The key to our growth over the years is derived from our continued pride, responsibility and ability to provide total customer satisfaction. We also attribute this growth to our strong partnerships with major manufacturers and distributors. This has been one of the outcomes of our active involvement in designing and deploying turnkey wireless solutions, along with the introduction of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) in recent years. This combination allows for smooth integration of ancillary communication technologies within the radio system design.


Wayne Turnbull, Founder of Telechnics started the company off the back of a vivid dream! A dream that turned into reality, One that is still alive and kicking 30+ years on. Even the name Telechnics, came to him in the dream.


tele - a combining form meaning "distant", especially "transmission over a distance", used in the formation of compound words."

technics - the theory, principles, or study or an art or a process.

telechnics - integrating theory, design and development to create uninterrupted communications. The removal of distance as a barrier to effective communication.


We are whole heartedly committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. This, the old school part of us, is something we will never let go of. We value that a high quality total experience through our design and development process is delivered.

We have no pretence. We always want to give you the best outcomes, for you and your organisation. We have been doing this for a substantial period of time, so we know that getting the job done and peace of mind are two different things. We cover both.

We care about doing a great job and our active involvement in the industry is supportive of this sentiment.

We really enjoy working with organisations that value a well planned approach to the design of their communication system.