Giving back to communities locally and abroad

Where we can we contribute on a global scale, through our technical capabilities and tangible resources. Radio technology is a valuable tool in crisis management.

On a local scale we support children's charities, children's local sporting teams and young adult education initiatives.

Sunswift Challenge

Sunswift is a student-led project that designs, builds and races solar-electric vehicles.

"Special Thanks was mentioned to Telechnics for donating/supplying them with new radios and keeping the team connected." (September 2018 Newsletter).

More information about the Sunswift Challenge

Overseas Disaster Resources

When radio clients of ours need to offload their old radios it is often preferable that they go to a worthy cause, rather than just be sent to the tip or to auction. This is particularly the case with government departments.

After supply of replacement units, we take the surplus radios and deprogram them of their frequencies - and prepare them for re-use by ODR.

It is seen by us as a worthwhile re-use of the radios and keeps them off the ‘open’ market and at the same time ensures that they are not misused on other peoples licensed frequencies. We provide this service free of charge as it is for the benefit of all.
We recommend that old (working) radios be donated to Guy Chenery from Overseas Disaster Resources (ODR).

ODR are a charitable organisation that provides emergency aid resources to countries suffering from natural disasters etc. Vanuatu and Nepal are recent beneficiaries of ODR’s charitable work.

Contact: Guy Chenery
Mobile: 0423 612 425