Environmental Management Policy

Telechnics Pty Ltd is committed to considering the environment in all its business activities. Our management and supervisory staff are responsible for ensuring that the company’s policies and practices reflect legislative and environmental obligations. Together with our employees and contractors we aim to minimise our impact on the environment around us, and in turn, improve our relationship with it.

Environmental Requirements and Policies

To ensure compliance with environmental laws and procedures, and in line with the company’s commitments, the following guidelines should be adhered to:
•Recycle paper and service materials – where possible
•Place waste in bins/skips so that nothing can fall out or blow away
•Store cleaning fluids and work related chemicals in approved and secure containers
•Dispose of the above chemicals in an approved and lawful manner
•Purchase and use recyclable materials – where possible
•Store clients used radio battery packs - for approved disposal
•Discuss with our clients and staff the impact of careless battery disposal, on the environment.

Further information can be obtained from our office.