• Unable to maintain contact with all staff when they are scattered around different parts of a venue or campus.
  • Difficulty managing different teams from a single co-ordinated control room – without relying on the cellular networks.
  • Contract security often have radio compatibility issues with a host venue.


  • Reliable, secure, clear radio communications on at least one licensed channel at each site.
  • Communication of sensitive information to be carried in a ‘private’ channel environment.
  • Common radio type and channel allocation so that radios can be moved from site to site and still be able to communicate.


  • Compact, reliable, programmable radios provided - all on licensed and compliant frequencies
  • All radios of the same model and generation to maximise interoperability
  • Radios are ‘wide area network’ capable should remote monitoring be required
  • Extensive range of audio accessories made available to staff – enhancing privacy of communications
  • Clients and venue operators able to communicate directly with security staff, when required


Prime Protection has had the pleasure of dealing with Telechnics for close to 20 years. Our business and clients can be demanding at times with little to no notice. The staff’s at Telechnics not only accommodate our requests, they exceed the expectations of our team but our clients also.

We are proud to call them our radio partner. We not only purchase our radios through them, we heavily rely on them for our servicing. Having a radio partner who always goes that extra mile allows us the confidence to supply state of the art radio equipment.

The added benefit is as we grown in Victoria and Queensland, Telechnics has provided the same service in our sister states that they have always provided in NSW."

Andrew McGuire JP
Group General Manager – Prime Group Australia Holdings Pty Ltd