Safety KPIs

Safety KPIs are part of the day-to-day running of any organisation. Safety is important, always. The safety of people, animals, the environment, information, possessions, etc. Being an Australian company in Australia, we have high safety standards. Something that we are very proud of. Our commitment to safety as a country follows through to how organisations operate. This is where we come in.

Digital radio system have become an indispensable part of most businesses, in respect to safety and security. At times it can feel like a 'tick box' approach to the KPIs set, but in terms of the broader outlook, it not only provides confidence and peace of mind in knowing that everything is in place if and when it's required, but also it allows the people / operations to stay focused on what they do best - and not be distracted by safety system inadequacies.

The data collected when undergoing a Safety KPI audit can be used to identify a wide scope of information, for example user tracking, cost vs time investment, task vs time analysis, etc, which in-turn assists with people / team management.