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Ideal Security Communication Solutions

All industries can benefit from a dedicated two way radio system, for quick coordination of workers, immediate responses in time-sensitive environments like hospitals and as an effective security communication solution. Telechnics has served all industries, and delivered outstanding communication solutions every time.


Construction sites are full of hazards, conditions change rapidly and quick, effective coordination is a must. Having active two way radios enables easy hands-free communication, clear verbal acuity even in high noise environments and customisable weather-proofing and durability features to make sure your system can handle the rigours of any tough work environment.


Telechnics is well versed in dealing with a wide range of government bodies, from Council rangers, public pools and botanical gardens, up to the complete coverage of buildings and cities. We have a history of providing tailored two way radio systems and peripherals with uncompromising functionality and a variety of pricing options, making us one of Sydney Government’s preferred two way radio suppliers.


The hospitality industry is not a 9 to 5 business, so your security communication solutions and staff coordination systems also need to be able to run around the clock. Telechnics can make it happen, with products selected for durability, longevity, suitability in high noise environments and appropriate aesthetic matching with your company’s branding. Coupled with our equipment loans and 24 hour servicing, we have it all.


In the challenging and often unpredictable world of large scale retail centres, it’s important to have security communication solutions you can count on. At Telechnics we can bring our expertise to bear on any problem, and deliver a two way network including all relevant repeaters, radios and accessories. Save time and stay safe by implementing an effective Telechnics two way radio system.


Two way radios are the cornerstone of all security communication solutions. Without an effective system, security personnel can’t carry out their jobs safely and effectively. Telechnics has the answer, with our full range of radios, accessories and systems, as well as all the repair and regular maintenance services you’ll need to ensure that you’re good to go anytime and anywhere. Security services cannot function without radio communication, so check out our range of products, rentals and financing options today.


Different industries have different requirements, and there are no proper one size fits all radio systems for all fields. Telechnics has a range of tailored safety, management and security communication solutions for all industries. We can deliver specialised functionality including intrinsically safe, full duplex and waterproof radio systems, crush-proof or anti-corrosion carry cases, ultra-long life batteries, noise-reduction headsets and anything else you need.

The Expertise to Help any Customer

Whether you work in an industry not listed here or are searching for a unique solution to meet your requirements, we can help. Contact us today to speak to an expert about improving the security of your operation with an effective communication solution.

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