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Two Way Radio Solutions for Retail Outlets

What kind of communication system does your retail outlet use? In order to ensure effective communication between sales, administration, maintenance and warehouse teams, you need a solid and reliable two way radio solution. The benefits of this are well documented. Medium to large sized retail stores that incorporate radio communication systems into standard operational practices experience measurable benefits in the form of improved efficiency, better customer service, a more professional appearance and visible security measures that actively deter theft and minimise losses.

Your store could also experience the same benefits. If you’re looking to solve issues or address specific communication, safety or merchandise security concerns, or achieve a better degree of oversight, then a two way radio system is the answer.

Finding the Best Two Way Radios

The unique and ever-changing demands of the retail industry mean that there are a few key features which are absolutely vital to any merchandising two way radio system.

  • Reliable: A good quality in anything, but an essential one in radios. Telechnics offers some of the best warranty options and industry guarantees in Australia, meaning you can be confident that your technology will work all the time, every time. And if you want longer battery life, better reception, high ambient noise earpieces or any other additional functionality, Telechnics has the right selection of accessories to make it happen.
  • Easy to wear: You need a two way radio system that staff members are able to wear without it interfering with daily tasks like stocking shelves, assisting customers, cleaning the store and managing stock. We have a lot of excellent choices that perfectly fit the bill. Slimline designs, versatile casing options, pocket friendly functionality and every possible attachment option to allow your team to clip, snap, pocket, wear, fasten or otherwise hold a two way radio.
  • Discretion or visibility as required. Some stores would prefer that their staff radios are discrete and nearly invisible so as not to imbalance or otherwise degrade the overall retail outlet atmosphere and aesthetic. Telechnics can make it happen. Other locations prefer clear and highly visible radio systems as an inexpensive, but extremely functional and highly effective theft deterrent measures. Telechnics can also make this happen. Whatever your two way radio requirements, we have it.
  • Easy to use: You don’t want to spend a full week training team members on how to use a two way radio system. That’s why we have a lot of extremely simple yet highly effective options. Intuitive, text-capable and overwhelmingly straightforward systems are available.

Get a Retail Edge Today

If you’re looking to improve communication, upgrade security and take your retail business to the next level, call Telechnics at (02) 9644 3422 or contact us online.

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