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Professional mobile radio (PMR) systems are essential to many industries. Whatever your needs, Telechnics has the experience and product range to get you the best solution, while our flexible PMR radio financing options, system consultancy, rentals and ongoing maintenance services mean you’re certain to find what you need. Search our online catalogue, call (02) 9644 3422 or contact us online, tell us your requirements and let the experts find the best solution.

All Major Brands

We’re Australia’s primary Kenwood distributor, but are also licensed providers of systems from Motorola, Icom, Tait and Damm . Search for your perfect two way radio system by brand.

Portable Radios

A complete selection of portable radios, PMR handsets and all relevant functions including intelligent battery management, noise cancelling audio, immersion protected and intrinsically safe casings.

Mobile Radios

Mobile PMR radio systems with a range of specialist requirements, including remote control heads capability, weatherproofing and multiple RF technology platforms.


PMR radio repeaters for all needs. Whether you’re looking for high powered base repeaters for rural locations, large business venue functionality, transmission security or any other special functions, we can help.


A complete range of accessories for PMR, radio headsets, earpieces, antennas, batteries, chargers, Carry cases and speaker microphones. We have both brand-specific and adaptable peripherals, meaning we can add functionality to almost any radio system.

Why Telechnics is Better

We’re Australia’s number one Kenwood distributor, but also support dealer networks for most major brands. When coupled with our own wide range of capabilities, expert knowledge and experience with an enormous variety of PMR radio systems, we’re able to provide exceptionally complete products and services, drawn from the world’s best and offered at no extra cost. Communication is key in every line of business, and if you don’t have an effective solution then you’re missing out. Get up to speed by calling (02) 9644 3422 or getting in touch with us online.