2-Way Radio

From the old to the new, we work with all manner of 2-way radio products. From repair and refurbishing old radios to updating and adding to existing fleets, we know the ins and outs of 2-way radios.

We are continually interacting with customers to find out how their radios are used and if they are holding up to the harshest conditions. Our in-depth servicing of 2-way equipment can find issues that customers never even knew about or would have become a serious concern.

We also have a dedicated workshop to manage product repairs, based at our Sydney head office.

Being so close to the technical capability of the products we use to design and build communication systems has been beneficial to our own business growth, therefore, we can offer our customers a wider viewpoint of what their needs are and what they will become, in-turn, creating the most suitable design solution.

We are accredited suppliers for leading 2-Way Radio brands

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