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Heavy Duty Two Way Radios for Industrial Jobs

Every industry is different, with unique challenges, responsibilities and concerns. This means they need different communication systems, with specialised two way radios that can handle every situation which might arise. You need something tough, reliable and guaranteed to work every time. Effective communication is a vital component of safety procedures, manufacturing capacity and efficiency in all areas, so make sure you get a system that’s guaranteed to handle whatever you throw at it. Fortunately, Telechnics has it all. We have one of the widest selections of radios, repeaters, accessories and communication infrastructure in Australia, so you’re sure to be able to find the most advanced and highly tailored systems every time.

  • Heavy duty casing with a variety of specific protective features mean that we can provide communication solutions for any working environment. Need crush-proofing, corrosion resistance, anti-scratch or hydrophobic finishes? We can customise any radio to perfection, to fulfil any needs.
  • Full accessory compatibility and functionality allow for an extra level of tailoring on top of everything else. Not all accessories work with all radio systems, so it’s best to have a thorough idea of what your needs are before committing to any particular two way radio solution. This lets us provide the full array of high-noise headsets, battery life extensions, remote speaker microphones, antennas and anything else.
  • Ingress-protection and internationally quality approved two way radio sets are par for course at Telechnics, meaning complete peace of mind. Use your new radios in dusty or high-particulate environments without the risk of corrupting sound quality or otherwise damaging your tools.
  • Don’t be dependent on mobile coverage any more. Particularly important for agricultural industries, being freed from the requirements of mobile phone network access is extremely useful in some places, and downright vital in others.
  • Hands-free functionality as offered by wearable radios and headsets, combined with a range of fastening and attachment options for personal, vehicular or equipment communication purposes mean it will always be the most convenient communication system available.

Every Industry Needs Radios

Communication is the key to everything, whether you’re in a factory, on a farm, working on a mine or doing anything else. Ideally, you want any team member anywhere on site to be able to immediately contact anyone else at any time and without needing to stop doing what they’re doing. Until telepathy becomes available, two way radios are the only possible way of achieving this.

If you need any kind of two way radios, repeaters, accessories or anything else, call Telechnics first. Competitive prices, the widest range of everything and unparalleled experience in all industries mean we’re by far the best option. For all the options under one roof, just call (02) 9644 3422 or contact us online.

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