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Government Two Way Radio Solutions

The extraordinarily wide variety of challenges and requirements usually encountered by government agencies necessitates advanced solutions, strong security and exceptional service capabilities without extra costs. That’s why they come to Telechnics. We offer incredible experience in delivering high quality two way radio systems to government bodies. Not only do we have a wide range of products and exceptionally skilled technicians, but we also accommodate the inherently unpredictable, around-the-clock nature of public facilities and government works.

Telechnics Government Work

In 2011 the City of Sydney Council (COS) released a tender for the upgrade of their existing radio structure to a digital trunked system in order to meet the demands of a bustling location and the extensive network traffic that accompanies it. After a detailed bidding process, Telechnics was contracted to prepare and install a large, complex system with 12 channels and 750 terminals. Strong customer interaction and detailed project management were integral to a project of that scope, and Telechnics managed to deliver on time, on budget and with an exciting new variety of functionality for all local government departments.

  • 12 channel Kenwood digital trunking system, 6.25KHz FDMA NXDN
  • RFI combining equipment
  • 100 watt power amplifiers
  • Complex antenna configuration for spectrum efficiency
  • RF Over Fiber TX/RX node to lower Town Hall house
  • 750 terminals in total, including portable and mobile vehicle units
  • GPS monitoring of 300 vehicles with job despatch
  • 2x 42 RU 19 inch racks containing equipment
  • Over the air programming
  • DC backup systems
  • System managed service with remote monitoring and 24 hour support
  • Terminal managed service with pick up and repair

Get the Best Two Way Radio Systems

If you’re in Sydney, you’ve most likely seen Telechnics in action, even if you didn’t know it at the time. Our extensive work for the City of Sydney and other government bodies has made us an integral part of the cityscape. No job is too big for us, and we deliver the highest quality products and services every time. To get the best two way radio systems, call (02) 9644 3422 or contact us online.

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