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Every security company needs a dedicated communications system, and nothing works better than security radios. They’re durable, weather-proof, quicker than phones, have a series of redundancies and backups and come with a range of accessories and extra functions designed especially with security personnel in mind. Security radios must be fully functioning and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When the safety of yourself and those around you is at stake, technical issues are not an option. Telechnics security radio systems keep this in mind, and make sure you have the ultimate security communication system at your fingertips. Telechnics has a lot of experience with catering to security firms and has developed unique practices in this field as a result.

  • Quick turnaround on all new orders and repairs.
  • A range of financing options to ensure that every security company, whether long established or just starting out, has access to our security radios
  • Added functionality including duress buttons, texting capability, multi-channel communications, redundancies and complete system interoperability, meaning you can get all the advantages of bonus utility without any of the downsides.

How Telechnics Keeps the University of Canberra Safe

“In 25 years in the industry, I hadn’t dealt with Telechnics before, yet they are by far the standout operators. I can’t speak highly enough of them. They brought in a system far better than what I envisioned.”
-Vittorio Cox, University of Canberra

When the University of Canberra was faced with an outdated and increasingly ineffective security radio system, Telechnics was there to help. Previously their issues included outdated software, multiple repeaters that barely functioned, numerous black spots in the network and radios that were functionally limited to line-of-sight communication. Having recognised the active security risks involved with such an outdated network, Telechnics and the University of Canberra worked together to develop and implement an advanced, highly functional Motorola security radio system that incorporated a range of great benefits.

Better Safety Through New Equipment

Most importantly, the new portable security radios work every time, provide complete coverage, and incorporate GPS tracking technology. They also have duress buttons and identification systems that let responders know who’s calling even if they’re unable to speak. These benefits were applied not only to the portable radio network, but also to the various help points and phone lines around campus. Not only did this bring the new system in line with national standards, but the peace of mind that came with it led to more robust security patrols, quicker response times and an overall safer environment.

Redundancies and Backups

Multiple repeaters in different locations back each other up in the event of physical damage or other breakdowns, while bandwidth was also increased with room to spare, meaning communications will always stay clear and operational in the event of serious emergencies and heavy radio traffic, even as the university continues to expand in coming years. Meanwhile, the addition of automated backup power protects against electrical outages by automatically and seamlessly taking over when necessary.

OH&S Management

One of the more unexpected benefits of the new security radios and system overhaul came in the form of improvements to human resource management. The addition of GPS provided a wealth of information that was previously unavailable. Having learned that staff do up to 16 km of patrolling per shift, the university implemented new ways of managing fatigue, arranging rosters and changing patrol patterns to provide better coverage. What was potentially a long-term employment issue was quickly resolved to everyone’s satisfaction thanks to the extra functionality of the Telechnics system.


The patchwork nature of previous upgrades led to the University of Canberra utilising an extremely wide variety of security radios and related technology. In order to save them time and money, Telechnics sorted out which parts could be optimised and incorporated into the new network, and which ones needed to be replaced. The final result was complete interoperability between all systems, ensuring that the upgrade was cost-effective but still provided extremely high quality communications and additional functionality.

Multiple Channels

Previously the university had only two radio channels. Now that they have four, as well as a number of completely up to date units and coordination systems, non-security staff are also benefiting. Cleaners, maintenance staff and other personnel are provided quick and up to date information, allowing the University of Canberra to bring an unprecedented level of service and satisfaction to all staff and students.

Complete Satisfaction With any Security Radios and Telechnics Systems

“We still have regular meetings every one to two months to see how it’s going.”
-Vittorio Cox

For countless industries and companies, a two way radio network is a vital part of their business apparatus. Regular maintenance and updates will save money in the long run and ensure that it’s always at its best. Telechnics recognises this, and is pleased to offer partnerships and regular maintenance packages. When a two way radio system is absolutely essential, call us at (02) 9644 3422 or contact us online. We take great pride in being the best at what we do and look forward supporting your business.

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